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Character Name: Rathmîr

Character Age: Born in Third Age year 4. Approximate age 3,014 when the Fellowship left Rivendell.

Race: Noldo/Sinda

Bio: Dark brown haired, fair of face with grey eyes. Rathmîr is true in looks to his Noldorin heritage. Born in year 4 of the Third Age to Mallor, a Sinda once of Doriath, and later Eregion who settled after Eregion’s destruction in Imladris. While his mother Emeldir was a Noldo once of Lindon, who in Second Age 1704 arrived in Imladris to rejoin her father who ahd been one of the many Elves sent by Gil-galad with Elrond to attempt to protect Ost-in-Edhil from Sauron.
The youngest of four children, although not of the family, his eldest sister Lothwen’s son Faelion was born 23 years later. However the children of his second sister Melethrin were begotten in the Second Age and were many years into their majorities before he was born.
Of a gentle spirit, Rathmîr is takes rather after his Sindarin heritage in nature. Never happier than when allowed to walk in the trees and talk with others, either Elf, Man or beast. Although able to wield both broadsword and short knife with some skill, Rathmîr prefers the use of his long bow and other such ranged weapons, which allow the wielder to aim and fire from a defensive position so granting a quick end to his enemies whether from the ground, tree or steed.